Korri Angel

First Impressions

There`s something dangerous and naughty about Korri Angel. She`s not your average solo babe, that`s for sure. Instead of trying to look as young and adorable as possible she`s trying to be slutty and naughty, or at least that`s the impression I get when I check out the picture of her in the schoolgirl uniform on the main page of her tour. She also seems to like dark makeup, sexy lingerie and showing off her big tits. This is a girl that likes to give off that wild and sexy vibe and she wants you to come and see her.

Hot Promises

Her tour is not the kind that loads up on promises of what you`ll find inside. Instead it`s more like she shows off some pictures to get you aroused and then she invites you to come inside. You`ll find that she tells tales of being aroused by being lusted after. She likes it when men want her and she wants you to want her. She also promises to answer her emails personally, although I`m always skeptical of those sorts of things because these girls can`t seem to keep that up for more than a few months. What I know is that she promises to be hot and that you`re going to see her naked tits a whole lot.


The member`s main page isn`t particularly interesting because there`s nothing about Korri on there. It starts with links to the various content sections on her site. The pics, videos, bonus area and support pages can all be found up there. Below that you run into advertisements for other solo babe sites and they`re free galleries so it`s worth a click if you want a handful of hot pictures. There are little preview pictures from what are supposed to be the next updates but those have been there for months so I`m pretty sure Korri Angel no longer adds new content and nor do any of the other girls in the bonus network.

I wouldn`t worry much about the lack of updates though. Korri Angel has produced 96 picture galleries and 46 videos and that`s more than enough. They have the image sets laid out 20 to a page with a thumbnail representing each. There are no titles, just a number underneath each along with the picture count. 96 galleries is slightly inaccurate because in many cases one picture set has been stretched over two or three galleries. For instance, there are three sets where you will find her wearing a pink fishnet top and pink fishnet stockings with black panties. She looks hot in it but they could have easily put all those images into one set instead of trying to pass each of them off as a new set.

Korri largely delivers on the implied promises of the tour. She`s not the young cutie type. She doesn`t dress up in pastel t-shirts and adorable denim skirts and she doesn`t put her hair in pigtails. She`s not trying to be cute; she`s trying to be really sexy and suggestive. She wants your eyes on her at all times. Like she says on the tour, she wants all eyes on her when she walks into any room and the member`s area of her site is like her own personal club where she can receive your adoration and boost her ego.

While doing that she will help you to get off because she really knows how to work the camera. She`s beautiful and she has a wicked hot body. Her breasts are natural DD cups and the rest of her is tight. You`d think she might be a little soft around the middle with such big natural boobies but that`s definitely not the case. She has a really nice ass that`s smooth and sexy and I love her belly button ring because it draws attention to her incredibly sexy stomach.

Korri Angel also has a gift for being seductive. Some girls can`t really pull that off. Those babes have to smile in all their pictures or they just look awkward. Korri Angel knows how to do it and in every picture gallery she turns on those sensual charms and she tries to make a tent in your pants. Her eyes are always full of lust. Her lips are pursed in just the right way to make you feel like she wants to fuck. Her makeup is done in a sexy manner; it`s not overly slutty but it`s the kind of job a girl does on her face when she wants to find a man to fuck. Korri also dresses in all kinds of sexy stuff. There are hot lingerie sets and slutty outfits along with boots and stockings of all kinds.

When I watched her videos I got the impression that Korri Angel has some experience as a stripper. The way she moves her body doesn`t come natural to most women; it takes practicing in seducing men to figure that stuff out. That also means it`s incredibly hot to watch her play. The videos have the same issue as the picture galleries where many of them are just one big video broken into several parts. It`s probably more like 25 individual videos, maybe 20. That`s frustrating but they`re awfully entertaining scenes so it`s not all bad.

They only have one little screencap from each video so it`s almost impossible to tell what actually happens in the scene. At best you`ll know what she`s wearing. They`re usually broken down into two basic categories: the sexy striptease and a window into her life. In the striptease sets you`ll see her dancing and shaking her ass and baring her beautiful breasts. Korri gets fully naked but she`s not big into pussy spreading so you don`t really get to glimpse the pink flesh of her box. That might deter some of you from leaping feet first into the member`s area but it`s no big deal to me. The slice of life videos are fun because it feels like you`re getting to know Korri better. Most of the time it`s her putting on makeup or getting dressed and she will talk to the camera about what she`s doing, where she`s going, etc.

Korri Angel is a site with flaws, the biggest of which is the fact that she doesn`t update. That fact is largely mitigated by the fact that there are 13 solo babe bonus sites given to all members. Most of the sites feature girls that are more of the sexy and seductive variety so they fit right in with Korri. You can access them all from the main page, although you will have to re-enter your username and password for each.

Croco’s Opinion

Korri Angel is hot and a little bit slutty. She yearns to have your attention and she will do all sorts of sexy stuff to get it. She likes to dress in hot lingerie sets and naughty outfits and she has DD cup breasts that she will show off in all her picture galleries and videos. There are 96 image sets and 46 videos in her member`s area, although that number is slightly inflated due to breaking some of the larger image collections and movies into smaller parts and uploading them separately. Nevertheless you get a good collection of content starring a busty, sexy and seductive girl that loves to arouse men. You also get 13 bonus sites that each star a hot young chick.


Browsing the site is easy but with only one screencap for each video it`s difficult to tell what you`re downloading.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95 for 30 days and $69.95 for 90 days.

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